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Murals Murals Murals

Having 30 kids' help on a mural can be a mixed bag of fun, work, and art, but I learned a lot about how to ineract with children in a fun and productive way, from Mike Howard, Director of Operation Clean Slate.  While all of these murals were not done with the help of school children, some were just too dangerous, most had a full crew from the school we were painting.  Operation Clean Slate is a successful campus and community beautification program that continues to bring color and positive messages to graffiti proned areas all over the greater Los Angeles area through the painting of murals.  During my tenure as an artist on Mike's crew, I was involved in painting over 200 murals from Northridge to Costa Mesa, CA, and everywhere in between.

Some fun videos of murals I worked on in California.  Thank you Mike Howard and Operation Clean Slate!