"Dream Into Reality"



Graffiti/Street Art


Creative Visualization and Manifestation:

Ideas, thought, and dreams, remain just that, until action turns them into reality.  Sometimes this can be a challenge for an artist, because to manifest an idea takes lingering for as long as it takes to complete the work of art.  The world around us often demands us to keep moving along in both our actions and our thoughts and ideas, so a career in lingering can be quite contrary to the normal flow of society.  It's this flow and pressure from society that can keep many ideas from materializing.  Creativity is a wellspring of thoughts and ideas.  Only a small number of mine ever reach canvas, a wall, the recording studio, or a piece of clay.  I have to accept that, and put my energy into those that materialize, or be forever caught in a loop of dis-satisfaction.

Sometimes it's enough to let a melody dance around your thoughts all day, and then it's gone.  Or imagine a painting, and let evovle and change as you drive, or a story, a daydream, etc.  They aren't necessarily meant to take action upon, but are for your own interpretation and amusement.

Many ideas are accompanied by an urge to take action.  I try and honor those as much as I can, because an idea, accompanied by the urge to create it has a much better chance of reaching fruition, however, it still requires a response to that urge.  Wall art and graffiti is an outlet that allows me to demonstrate this in a public way, and it really illustrates the physical response to an idea and urge to create it within an amount of time that people can experience.  Many works of art happen in the studio after many days and weeks of labor, and this process of creating goes unknown and holds some bit of mystery..."How did they do that?"  As a street/graffiti artist, I use the word "urge" as a re-occurring theme.  It helps remind me that simple steps of action and lingering, is all that separates myself as an artist, from creating no art at all. 


Some things are just begging to get painted.