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Archaeological Find - "Croghan Man" and the Book of Eile


Hi everyone,

What follows is a project that has begun to take up a large portion of my creative time.

In June, 2003, County Offaly, Ireland, a man, while digging peat, found the corpse of an indiviual dating from between 300BCE and 175BCE, over 2000 years old.  From the band around his arm, made of leather and bronze, he was likely a king, or someone of high status.  His 6ft. 6in. height, made him a giant in his time.  It's not unusual to find "bog bodies" in Ireland, what is unique about this individual was that he was carrying both a leather bound book, and a collection of manuscripts which have also survived.  These ancient manuscripts were discovered last summer, when the site was further studied a second time by researchers, and are currently being studied and reconstructed. They seem to represent a collection of material related to the people of ancient Eile(ely).  A kingdom of the race of Cain, Eile Ui Cearbhaill.  This was a powerful people existing in ancient Ireland for over 2000yrs.  Fortified within the Irish midlands, this territory was never conquered by the vikings, and held on until the Cromwellian invasions in the early 1500's. Over the centuries it has been known as the Kingdom of Eile, and more recently as Ely O'Carroll Country.

The severed torso of Old Croghan Man.

The severed torso of Old Croghan Man.

Typical peat bog where Old Croghan Man was found.

Typical peat bog where Old Croghan Man was found.

A puzzling development as the manuscripts have been studied, is that while the Croghan Man dates from 300BCE, the manuscripts held within his bag have been dated anywhere from 500BCE to 1000AD. Additionally, buried about 3 meters from the body, a highly crafted body armor suit was uncovered.  This suit of armor is not of any design known to be native to the region, and further study continues to date the metal used in its crafting.



More information and examples of artwork and writings will be released as they are understood.


Please note: while Old Croghan Man is a real archeological find, this story is a work of fiction and all artwork is in support of this project.

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